Monday, March 31, 2014

PM is not silent, spoke 1117 times in 10 years

On 28th March, in a Hilarious facts presented by Media manager of Prime minister of  India, he spoke 1117 times in 10 years of in 3,650 days.According to him PM spoke every third day.  He also went on counted the occasions on which he has spoken.

According to him, PM spoke on dinners,in functions,  in Rajyasabha, in Loksabha, in front on  media, in election rallies and many many other times. Panjak Pachori also gave the reason why PM dont believed in speaking too much. He explained PM belief as "Empty vessel makes noise".

When the UPA II government faced heat during the coalscam, the Prime Minister was quoted as saying in the Rajya Sabha, "Hazaron jawabo se achchi hai khamoshi meri, na jaane kitne sawalo ki aabru rakhe. (My silence is better than a thousand answers, it keeps intact the honour of innumerable questions). "

So going by the statement, if PM speaks in a dinner, then next time he will speak will be only third day, even if he is required to make statement in Parliament. Because he speaks only once in three days. This is does not ends here, even he tweeted. Kam Bola Kaam Bola.
The PM's Media manager's statement was not that hilarious but tweet from PM was certainly more hilarious.

I hope India will get a speaking Prime-minister this time.

After 8 years, Bhullar escapes, Thanks to BJP/CONGRESS alliance

Today, March 31, Supreme Court commuted his death sentence to Life Imprisonment on the grounds of inordinate delay in deciding his mercy petition. As an implication a renowned terrorist escaped from the the deserved destiny.

Bhullar's death verdict was not one of the straight justice. After bombing in front of Youth Congress in 1993 flied to Germany. And after hard fought extradition case Germany, he was brought to India in 1995. In year 2002, 3 member Bench rejected the review petition for Death penalty.

Votes caused deliberate delays

Political parties have always managed to polarize people on emotional grounds to get votes.   In this case also parties mobilized people's emotions for the convicted person. People from the same village were brain washed giving roots as a reason. And for others people used religion as one the emotional grounds. Historically political parties has always stayed away from taking risk in such situation. 

In short, in India convicts escapes By the Parties,For the Parties Of The the Parties.. 

Affect of the verdict

This verdict is important not because 1 convict has escaped, but this verdict is important because this is going to affect other cases as well. 

 Who is responsible?

Reason for the commutation of death penalty to Life imprisonment is delay in deciding his mercy petition but not because people appealed for clemency. 

The most unfortunate fact of this whole episode is there is no Accountability. Neither BJP nor Congress can be asked for accountability for the escape? They are not answerable for to victims who have lost their dear ones. 

The delay dilutes India stand against terrorist activities in any form. Its high time that people should get answers for the delays. Its high time people should be held for the same. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

AAP asks for Rs1,100: Media finding rotten Rats?

Since the beginning of AAP, they always claimed that they will not be doing any conventional politics.It has been more than 18 month since its inception. During its inception they promised to redefine the RULES OF THE GAME. Still people has not been able to understand that when they say that it will be totally new ball game, what it really means?

Before Delhi election, they were questioned how can you fight election without formal big organization? How can you fight election with such limited resources? How can fight election with limited MONEY? But AAP not only fought election without all those luxury but also performed well.

Moving away from the conventional parties I found AAP to be only party to STOP taking donation because their requirement got fulfilled. I have never seen any conventional party to stop to taking  donations, that too during election . And so on. 

After Delhi election, I thought Media will be more educated but unfortunately still  interpreting statements in same appropriate manner. In any form of life Interpretation of words is very important. Correct Interpretation gives correct sense behind the words and selfish or interpretation with some western interest give a whole WRONG meaning to the words. And its responsibility of NEWS MEDIA to do this duty in a free and fair manner.   

Few days back, AAP Volunteers, put up a notice. If any one willing to go to AK's Varanasi rally, they require to pay Rs 1,100 for the package. Now Media is interpreting in all their way.  

It was not AAP which didn't took this initiative themselves but it was load of request from all parts of Delhi which forced them to do so. Because of public demand, for public convinces they agreed to organize the travel just like any other family travel where people give contribution to a single person and the person organizes Travel, Lodging and Fooding on behalf of all other travelers.

While Rs 1,100 was for whole package but media crying it to be a foul. Unfortunately its not their mistake. Till now it has been a practice that people will be taken to Rally place on the expense of Party. Till now conventional parties has even gone one step forward and given Liquor and Daily Allowance to the people. But as promise during Inception, again they redefined the rules. Again they brought transparency to the whole process. 

And Media is trying to find rotten Rat in a clean process.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Realty check: Do Modi really mean by INDIA FIRST?

When Modi gave slogan of "India First", I was really impressed. I thought atlast someone came who is fighting for United India. Who really wants to work for poor.

He is PM candidate.His every slogan is bound to go under scrutiny. For him  benchmark will be very high.

He is claiming its Modi wave. And BJP will Sweep from every part of the country. Well if that happen it will be really good. Because it will be a popular government. It will be a stable government.

But do he and his party really mean by INDIA FIRST? Do he and his party really mean by Indians first?

If yes then why is he fighting from 2 place? Assuming because of Modi wave, he will win both seats. Then who will bear CRORES of election expenditure?

Delhi is a fiscal surplus state. They have less expenditure then earning. So when Arvind Kejriwal gave subsidy tailor made for poor peoples, same BJP said subsidy is bad for economy. Indian Economy can not survive of Subsidy.

When Subsidy is not good for fiscal surplus state then how can be  forceful election expenditure  be justified on capital deficit UP?

Its high time when India looks for a leader who really looks for India over personal ambition. Who is more sensitive about expenditure. Who is bold enough to say, Being PM candidate, I can win from any seat else no need to fight election and come via Rajya Sabha.

Why Expenditures are good but subsidy for poor is not good  ?

"Tum khelo to football hum khelen to Gulli-Danda"- Kumar Viswas. Now its time for equal ground for play.

Is Modi coward or BETRAYER? Fighting from 2 seats?

2014 Election. Few days, Modi announced to contest general election from Varanasi,UP. Today, He announced to fight from another seat, from Vadodara, Gujrat.

Logic given: When announced from Varanasi 

1) Modi is a real leaders of Hindus. Varanasi is one of the most important  pilgrim in Hindu mythology.  Varanasi's representation by MODI in Parliament was projected as true representation/tribute by a Pro Hindu party. 

2) UP has been historically important place for PMs. Historically UP has produced most of the PMs. 

3) Its a MODI WAVE, he can fight and win from any seat

Logic given:  When announced from Vadodara 

1) Gujarat people has made Modi today what he is. Its a true tribute to GUJRATIS

Every time with every announcement a good logic has been given by his party. Every time they sounded logical. But if we analyse  the logic given and correlate them only one question arises.


1) If really wanted to fight election from 2 places why didn't he announce together?
       a) Is Announcement from Vadodara is AFTER EFFECT  of Arvind Kejriwal announcement to fight from Varanasi? IS MODI COWARD? IS MODI feeling the heat of AAM ADAMI?

2) If Modi wins only ONE seat, then what about modi wave?

3) If MODI wins both seat, which seat will he LEAVE? 
       a) If leaves Vadodara, will it be appropriate to leave those people who have made Modi today what he is?        
      b) If leave Varanasi, will it be appropriate to say Modi a leader of Pro Hindu party? 
In any of the case Modi is going to betray one section of INDIA. IS MODI BETAYER? 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rally Scam Expose : Congress/BJP allows ONLY their feed to news channel.

2014 General elections are different in many ways. Conventional  Political parties have started using technology. The way they have embraced the technology looks heartening because these are same parties, which will form government. Openness to technology indicates progress in their mindset and working culture.

To involve technology and sighting logistical limitation, parties proposed to produce video themselves for the News broadcasters.  This sounded win win situation.This enabled parties to control the quality of video feed(and the content). News channels do not need any logistic.

Until now every thing sounds great and logical. But there is one more story behind the scene. Good quality is one side of coin. But the other side coin is to create fake crowd in rally. Different camera angles allows to create illusion. With advanced technique 10,000 people can be canvased as 1 Lakh people. When lots of tricks are available with Adobe Photoshop for stills, then why not its possible with moving picture.

Controlling the feed also allow to show only favorable portion of the rally.If you want to woo  Minority group the show only that portion of the crowd.

Being self producer, they tend not to show EMPTY spaces present in rally. Sometimes there are good number of empty patches, but at the name of better feed parties tend to hide the reality and claim illusive numbers of attendance.

To shed out their responsibility NEWS Channels have started marking source as  "Source: BJP feed". Apart from recent Mamta's Delhi rally(hardly 500 people were present) I have never seen channels reporting empty spaces in Rally.I have not seen any channel  reporting/questioning the level of participation of a particular community.

By all means I feel media should continue enjoy its freedom but I feel better regulation or checks/balances are very much current time's demand. India deserves non-tampered and unbiased news. A change is awaited.

Why is Modi buying crowd for his Rally?

Its heartening to see that now Modi is giving money to bring people. Is his model not working? Why is he so keen to bring attract Minority people to his rally? 

1) This video establishes the fact about paid crowd exist.
2) The video establishes that fake Muslims are being brought in rally.
3) Money power is being used to the full to influence the 2014 election.

Why Samajwadi Party NOT fielding candidates against Sonia, Rahul Gandhi?

The SP has announced its nominees for 78 of the 80 Parliamentary constituences in UP and not named anyone so far to contest from Rae Bareli and Amethi — the two Lok Sabha seats from where the Congress President and Vice President respectively are seeking re-election.

 “We have earlier not fielded candidates in Rae Bareli and Amethi. They have shown courtesy by not fielding candidate in Kannauj (against wife Dimple Yadav). Till now, netaji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) has not given candidates in Rae Bareli and Amethi,” Akhilesh, who is also the state president of SP, told reporters in a question if they will not field any candidates from the two constituency .

Its heartening to see the legacy of understanding between the two parties. Even though SP Chief Mulayam singh is blaming  blaming the Congress for all ills plaguing the nation. But they protest Gandhi parivar's election, the spearhead of congress. Vise versa for Congress. Rahul Gandhi is also doing same for congress in UP campaigns.

This clearly shows political double standard of the two parties even though they will make other party responsible for the bad condition of UP but still they will not oppose election of their so called their opposition's chief. This becomes more interesting when SP has won all but one Assembly seats in Rae Bareli. In Amethi too the SP has won four out of five seats in recent Assembly election. 

This is a great example of feet worship. This is a great example of team work where both understands each other without any conversation. Nor We will oppose your party supremo neither you will.

The two oppositions are not opposition exactly but the 2 sides of same coin. This practice is not good for democratic structure when voter is giving vote keeping one party over other keeping their  arguments(which are sour against each-other) and finds his vote actually goes to same collations. 

Still not sure what could be the best solution but I feel some thing is required to BREAK whole CARTELIZATION. This is more dangerous than corporate ones.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Constitutional shield by Congress: Making Sheila Dixit Governor

Sheila Dixit has been appointed 22nd governor of Kerala on 5th March 2014. Going by rule book her
appointment followed all rules and valid in all cases but Morally absurd and incorrect.

If we analyse the move by congress, even a novice can easily find how much the system is corrupt and how much all parties, CONGRESS(Ruling Parties) are glove in hand with  BJP(Opposition parties).  


"Article 361(2) in of the Constitution states: “no criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the President or the Governor of a State, in any court during his term of office”"

Above law is self explanatory as how Congress is saving Sheila Dixit and other involved people.


Having so many Law experts in the party, they are not raising even single voice against the act when they know that corruption has happened and on the very same ground they have fought the recent Delhi State Election(Corruption issue and CWG Scams were one the key issues by BJP).

Interestingly if we notice Congress are making 3 times chief minister as Governor of a state when 2014 general election are scheduled. In practice parties field most popular and well connected candidates among people(and 3 times CM is a good designation). 

And BJP is not interested in this issue as their people were part of Organizing committee in CWG 2010, so they have no choice but to support their brothers. That too when Delhi Govt has registered case against  Sheila Dixit. 

Congress is leaving no work for later or for others. They are ensuring to complete put all shields in place before the leaving the office. By her appointment they very well know they will be able to shield every one and they can create roadblock in case. They are very confident that even is BJP comes they will not remove her. This whole process will give ample amount of time to manipulate the evidences and derail the cases.

I think we really need some change in system else it will be like DOG catching his tail and keep revolving but do not reach to conclusion.

Review : Tata sky vs Airtel vs SUN Direct DTH monthly Packages

On the basis of pre-purchase analysis, I am sharing peculiar pattern of packages DTH.

Mandatory HD Settop box
1) At the name of technology constraint, all service providers have MANDATED for HD settop box for LED TV.
2)  HD settop boxes are costly, which means even if you dont want to see HD Channels, you are bound to shell out more money and buy HD settop box.
3) Even though currently not all channels are available in HD format(infact not more than 20 useful channels), still you are forced to shell out more money.

With HD Settop box Mandatory HD packages

EXCEPT from Tatasky and ACT TV almost all the well established service providers like Airtel, Videocon, Sundirect have mandated to have HD  channels monthly packages as subscription for HD settop box.

On a general level Normal Channel packs starts from Rs.170/- and HD Channel packs starts from Rs.400/-

So because of just unnecessary and illogical rules, a person is bound to buy HD pack instead of normal pack even if don't wish to have. Now a days majority of the new TVs are LED TVs. This implies even you don't want to have consume you have to pay extra every month.

TATASKY and ACT allows any monthly pack

Tatasky and ACT allows you have normal packs even if you have HD Settop box. Tatasky charges Rs.125/- monthly for HD pack Activation. But this is only when you want to have. In other words, you have to pay only for what you want consume.

Review : ACT vs Airtel vs Reliance Broadband Bangalore

I have been using ACT Broadband for last one month. Till now I have experienced a good quality service from them.  I have used Airtel for nearly 6 years and Reliance for 3 years.

Review : Installation Comparison ACT vs Airtel vs Reliance 

Their installation service was definitely par above Airtel and  Reliance.

ACT :- 1) With in 1 hour of call to customer care,I got for call from field executive for appointment.
            2) Same day on given appointment, Executive collected papers.
            3)  Next day installed and activated the connection.
Conclusion:- Whole activity completed by a team of 4-5 people. Activated the connection in less than 20 hours Very satisfied with this service response.

Airtel :- 1) Took appointment and collected papers same day.
             2) a) In case of connection availability airtel takes 48 hours to get the connection fully working.
                 b) In case connection is not feasible, they will not even inform you.
Conclusion:-  BAD response in comparison to other service provider.

Reliance:- 1) After calling to customer connection for new connection, I got call from field executive after 3 days.
                2) Rest same as airtel.
Conclusion:-  BAD response in comparison to other service provider(ACT to be precise).

Review : Customer care Comparison ACT vs Airtel vs Reliance 
ACT:- Directly connects to customer representative. If you are calling using registered mobile, they will not ask all kind silly and annoying questions. Will directly address your problem.

Airtel:- Firstly, their IVR system lengthy. After connecting to call executive ask answer all silly questions. Then they will address problem.

Reliance:- Their IVR system is also very length. Their call executive use to sound very dull lazy. Also sound very unprofessional.

Review : Complaint Resolution Comparison ACT vs Airtel vs Reliance 
ACT:- 1) They resolve the concern very quickly.
            2) They will send you complaint acknowledgement SMS and Resolution SMS also in case some fault is there on their Server side.
            3) They commit to resolve disconnection problem with in 3 days(maximum). In my case they resolved with in 3 hours for acknowledgement SMS. But this is BAD( 3 days commitment for highest priority issues creates anxiety in customer's mind).

So you don't need to keep checking if any progress on complain OR services resumed or not by intermittent testing the connection.

Airtel:- 1) They resolve  the concern very quickly.
            2) They promise to resolve disconnection problem with in 4 hours. They have always kept this commitment. And 4 hours commitment also gives a peace of mind to customer. In this parameter, Airtel service was VERY GOOD. They also compensate in Bill if they overshoot committed timeline.

Reliance:- 1) They are slow in issue resolution.
                2)  They promise to resolve disconnection problem with in 24 hours. But sometimes they overshooted that time line. For overshooting the committed time line, like airtel, they don't compensate.
Overall BAD service.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Football : Indian Super League

After Cricket, Badminton and Hockey India will see another league. Indian Super League. The league is backed by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), the commercial partner of IMG-Reliance. 

The Indian Super League which is to be staged from September to November 2014, will look to foster local talent and feature international stars with the aim of raising football's popularity in the country. The league also offer Indian football greater global exposure and eventually help India qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

Organizers believe football is one of the most untapped sport in the country. Right from the childhood to days in college people participate in football events with a great enthusiasm. In other words football has touched us some day or other during our young days.

Organizers also look this as a formal platform to an already popular sport. International coaches, modern facilities and interaction with stars can be a catalyst for Indian football's future. 

Sports bar like  Manchester United Restaurant & Bar has already captured the imagination of the youth. Their success gives a good evidence of the fact that football is sell-able entertainment in India.  

Interest of big celebrities like Sharukh Khan, Gangully, John Abraham; Corporate house like Jindals, Airtel and sports clubs like Mohammedan Sporting club in bidding process has already given first signs of good starts. 

Its bidding has started on 10th March 2014 and closes on 25th March 2014. 9 cities are up for bidding.