Saturday, March 15, 2014

Constitutional shield by Congress: Making Sheila Dixit Governor

Sheila Dixit has been appointed 22nd governor of Kerala on 5th March 2014. Going by rule book her
appointment followed all rules and valid in all cases but Morally absurd and incorrect.

If we analyse the move by congress, even a novice can easily find how much the system is corrupt and how much all parties, CONGRESS(Ruling Parties) are glove in hand with  BJP(Opposition parties).  


"Article 361(2) in of the Constitution states: “no criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the President or the Governor of a State, in any court during his term of office”"

Above law is self explanatory as how Congress is saving Sheila Dixit and other involved people.


Having so many Law experts in the party, they are not raising even single voice against the act when they know that corruption has happened and on the very same ground they have fought the recent Delhi State Election(Corruption issue and CWG Scams were one the key issues by BJP).

Interestingly if we notice Congress are making 3 times chief minister as Governor of a state when 2014 general election are scheduled. In practice parties field most popular and well connected candidates among people(and 3 times CM is a good designation). 

And BJP is not interested in this issue as their people were part of Organizing committee in CWG 2010, so they have no choice but to support their brothers. That too when Delhi Govt has registered case against  Sheila Dixit. 

Congress is leaving no work for later or for others. They are ensuring to complete put all shields in place before the leaving the office. By her appointment they very well know they will be able to shield every one and they can create roadblock in case. They are very confident that even is BJP comes they will not remove her. This whole process will give ample amount of time to manipulate the evidences and derail the cases.

I think we really need some change in system else it will be like DOG catching his tail and keep revolving but do not reach to conclusion.

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