Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rally Scam Expose : Congress/BJP allows ONLY their feed to news channel.

2014 General elections are different in many ways. Conventional  Political parties have started using technology. The way they have embraced the technology looks heartening because these are same parties, which will form government. Openness to technology indicates progress in their mindset and working culture.

To involve technology and sighting logistical limitation, parties proposed to produce video themselves for the News broadcasters.  This sounded win win situation.This enabled parties to control the quality of video feed(and the content). News channels do not need any logistic.

Until now every thing sounds great and logical. But there is one more story behind the scene. Good quality is one side of coin. But the other side coin is to create fake crowd in rally. Different camera angles allows to create illusion. With advanced technique 10,000 people can be canvased as 1 Lakh people. When lots of tricks are available with Adobe Photoshop for stills, then why not its possible with moving picture.

Controlling the feed also allow to show only favorable portion of the rally.If you want to woo  Minority group the show only that portion of the crowd.

Being self producer, they tend not to show EMPTY spaces present in rally. Sometimes there are good number of empty patches, but at the name of better feed parties tend to hide the reality and claim illusive numbers of attendance.

To shed out their responsibility NEWS Channels have started marking source as  "Source: BJP feed". Apart from recent Mamta's Delhi rally(hardly 500 people were present) I have never seen channels reporting empty spaces in Rally.I have not seen any channel  reporting/questioning the level of participation of a particular community.

By all means I feel media should continue enjoy its freedom but I feel better regulation or checks/balances are very much current time's demand. India deserves non-tampered and unbiased news. A change is awaited.

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Unknown said...

See Asish I had told u befor hand that MODIfied Media team of BJP show only a part of of the actual content of his hate speech...Keep calm and hold your faith someday we will all hear the good news.