Monday, July 20, 2009

The question every day I ask to me

The question every day I ask to me,

What do you want to be a fighter or a looser?
Fighter of lost battle or looser of battle you never thought of fighting
So what if it makes me frail and weak
So what if its agony or pain, tells my days of doom
So what if my eyes can’t see longer
I will be sad, I know, but why should I let grief then stay in my hand
I may cry, roar my anguish may sore, but why should let my heart hold any tears
But who cares the repercussion only, as there is suppression only,
But beauty lies in knowledge, why you lost, but not in why you won.

The question every day I ask to me
What do you want to be a struggler or sluggish?
Struggler who can define own rule or a sluggish who keep running after others rule.
So what if I suffer
So what if tormenting pain sneers me
So what if heart bleeds red ,bones get rip
I know I may sink into purgatory but why should scream to world,
Why should I let know my desperation to the world
I know I may be unable to breath but why should fear pounding in to pieces
But who cares failure, when I am explorer not a mere saior
Just wake up just shake up because I am own king.

The question every day I ask to me
How do you want success Permissive or Elusive?
Permissive leads fake, illusive happiness while Elusive leads to subtle but to gratification, slef-contentness.
So what if I caught on wrong foot or smelling soil
So what if clock is ticking against me or pressed against wall
So what if asperser hitches me, procrastinates
I know success doesn’t come from sky then why should I cry
I know milestone is in me then why should I be flying of touching the rough.
But why should I break my heart when I fail when I know success doesn’t comes from sky
But who cares how hard path is when intend is clear for the success
Just do it MAN!! as many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on workin



hmmm....self provocation...!!!very nice...

Unknown said...

its a fantabulous poem of delineating urself....n its also a conscientious poem...n its a good poem for boosting the loosers...n those who don't believe in hard work

Piyush said...

great work.. keep it goin..


nice one bro....keep it up...
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." by Albert Einstein