Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why Samajwadi Party NOT fielding candidates against Sonia, Rahul Gandhi?

The SP has announced its nominees for 78 of the 80 Parliamentary constituences in UP and not named anyone so far to contest from Rae Bareli and Amethi — the two Lok Sabha seats from where the Congress President and Vice President respectively are seeking re-election.

 “We have earlier not fielded candidates in Rae Bareli and Amethi. They have shown courtesy by not fielding candidate in Kannauj (against wife Dimple Yadav). Till now, netaji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) has not given candidates in Rae Bareli and Amethi,” Akhilesh, who is also the state president of SP, told reporters in a question if they will not field any candidates from the two constituency .

Its heartening to see the legacy of understanding between the two parties. Even though SP Chief Mulayam singh is blaming  blaming the Congress for all ills plaguing the nation. But they protest Gandhi parivar's election, the spearhead of congress. Vise versa for Congress. Rahul Gandhi is also doing same for congress in UP campaigns.

This clearly shows political double standard of the two parties even though they will make other party responsible for the bad condition of UP but still they will not oppose election of their so called their opposition's chief. This becomes more interesting when SP has won all but one Assembly seats in Rae Bareli. In Amethi too the SP has won four out of five seats in recent Assembly election. 

This is a great example of feet worship. This is a great example of team work where both understands each other without any conversation. Nor We will oppose your party supremo neither you will.

The two oppositions are not opposition exactly but the 2 sides of same coin. This practice is not good for democratic structure when voter is giving vote keeping one party over other keeping their  arguments(which are sour against each-other) and finds his vote actually goes to same collations. 

Still not sure what could be the best solution but I feel some thing is required to BREAK whole CARTELIZATION. This is more dangerous than corporate ones.  

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Unknown said...

See this the simple case of quid pro quo...All these parties with big bank balance have mutual understanding between them and they simply never want to come out of power.Canvassing,fake candidature, booth capturing , bribing etc are their regular virtues.. As AAP being a nascent is living on donation from people from all sects of life who themselves have faced the corrupt system.

All the corrupt parties have an inherent fear of loosing their if AAP comes to power.The country which has been maligned for past 66 years need a revolutionary stand like AAp. Now they are in all sorts of problem. Give the support they will come victorious.GOD BLESS AAP....