Monday, December 24, 2007


"welcome" Was it welcomed by the veiwers? So Rambo what do you think, well for me i am giving it 2.5 stars, overall, and the thing you can look forward is acting of "nana" and anil kapoor and of course "RDX " Feroz Khan. Welcome was the mixture of two tried and tested formula, 1 of 2006 and 1 of 2007,fommer ...comedy with AKKI and PARESH RAWAL later ..duo KAFIEE AND AKKI. Though it has opened very strongly but its just because of expectation ,nothing else.

Director was expecting to make a blast as he was using 2 successful formula, but do you know Rambo ,mixture of 2 sucessfull formula doesnt guarantees you success. As he was using the duo Akki and kaif...he was think that they will repeat history.
In the first half some open loops in the direction was visible,though he able to compansate in the second half upto a limit .Two unstituational songs(1st two) were adding headach to the director, I think now those has gone when movie use to become hit just due its songe,above that 1st song from Himesh was too ugly.
Though the pace of script in first half covered all the flaws,and kept the people binded.
Second half was just paisa wasool,very thing was looking improved,even music looked better.
The main problem was that director was able to exploite the full potential of akki , katrina and paresh rawal.
but NANA and ANIL KAPOOR carried the movie on their own,according to their reputation.Patekars timing of the comedy, expressions were of xample is
“Aajkal biscuit ko bhi samaan se bulana padta hai, Parle G.”
Another weekpoint was many things were kept undescribed like why Ishika"mallika Sherawat" was doing favour of the duo.Incomplete characterizations also become its week link.
Bad Cinematography made it looked like a low budget movie.
Overall Welcome is a good time pass but when it comes whether 200 buck will be worth or not i am afraid to say its better to see it on cd

Review:Dus Kahaniyaan

Another Movie came and gone quietly without bothering the critics and viewers as well  
I think its good that Hindi Film industry is at least trying to do some6 out of their tradition. But they are still To become a adult ,at the moment they are just like a child who is try to walk(in a different world to competite with hollywood),so they should no be afraid of falling till their attempt remains genuine. 

Dus Kahaniyaan was the part of the process, but this time the6 thinking of sanjay gupta was good but attempt wasn't genuine. 
Thinking was to do some thing out of tradition. 
but attempt was something6 traditional. 
"Dus Kahaniyaan" is not a single story a title suggests ,but a collection of stories. 
Though On the same line 1 movie came earlier "Salaam-E-Ishq" but the difference is that, that movie tried to handle 6 stories simultaneously6 , but unfortunately director was not able to handle the things upto the mark. 
The strength of a link can be determined by the strength of its weakest link. 
here the weakest link was its story ,people are not spend the buks just to hear story,nither to see unconcluded stories,first two story were just ridicules ,just incomplete, and complex. 
I don’t know what was the need what was the need6 of keeping incomplete story in the movie Hey Rambo again am saying that i not against the concept of the movie but i am disappointed with the way they handdled. The story
apart form 2 incomplete story in beginning few were in the middle making the movie week . 
and some illogical story like "sex at the beach" which was worth nothing 
But the best part of the Movie was the6 way it was communicating with its message ,the ease with which it was telling the NOBLE MESSAGE. i think to explain my point 6i quote 1 of saying of Amir Khan. "Message is good for movie but its should be their till entrainment have upper hand and message is just its part ,but message cann't be THE MOVIE" 
“Zahir” was one of them,gave such an important message with an ease. 
another was "rice plate" featuring Sabna Azammie and Nasaruddin Shah,I think quality of this part was unquestionable as it featuring one the GUENUNIE actor of the industry the Message of Unity was too good  
and last but not the least "Rise And Fall" again feature some genuine actors like Sanjay Dutt and Snil Shetty,it contained such a deeep message that after only some moment Rambo,you will be able to understand the message,that if are dealing with the bad things that rising can be brighter but LOWs are going to hit the part But with its most effect. 
so I think The message was being delivered was awesome i am afraid rambo you might not be able see any enthusiastic collection from this movie. 
so we can say that attempts like should be encouraged ,at some people are atleast daring to think against the flow stream 

The Great India "Managment" Place,noida

After a long wait "The Great India Place" a unitech partnered with apu gahr,noida opened few months back,with more than 1.5 million square feet of mixed-use space, The Great India Place, one of India’s largest retail destinations, combining world-class theme parks, cinemas, restaurants and shops into a single ‘shoppertainment’ destination.Range of products varies from product of Lifestyle to Wedding to Home sazza,form Food Court yard to Entertainment to auxiliary products(book café's and merchandise including Games and Toys, Pet products, gifts and flowers, handicrafts and much more.)According to reports with in two months of its launch ,the foothfall has reached 600,000 per monthly on an average,with around 55,000 on weekends.
But above all that its providing world-class, comfortable shopping and work environment for customers and employees respectively,and genrating employment for all range of person right from an educated person to an uneducated person.Its giving employment to new MBAs and CAs and other Educated person.It also taking care of uneducated people as well.Its giving a good opportunities to these people right from brooming to garurding to many more making them the base of pyramid.Many people belive that to earn a good living you have to be a bond in one field of education ,i think this has been falsified here,its saying you can earn money even if you have good instincts like even Anchoring.
To run such an big enterprise you must be having a good competitive strategy not just to bring new people to the to mall but to persist with the current ones.I think its each and every part so beautifully stratgise that you can feel a true work of management here.Their Strategy is not just to genrate money from commercial space(shops) but also raise money from the vacante palces.Apart from just genrating money they also required to stratgise to bind people with the mall also by becoming interactive with the people(which can the best solution).In this course they leased all the open sapces to big company to install their stall for their advertisement,but the high point was the all the stall were interactive and was all the time distributing prizes.In this way the thinktank of the mall achived two goals with an single bow,they genrated not also money but also binded people with the mall.But the high point is that the archived the most important goal of making relation with the people to an good effect,without involing into the process.This concept really makes this mall a different from his competative.Though you can generate money by leasing out your spaces for the big advertisements and models but if it helps to make relation with the people who can hav a better solution than this.But of course the Space outside mall ie wall was suitable for these hordings , and they were their,means right thing at right place.
Advertising means communicating with customers ,when communication comes its means a TWO WAY process, a company can only succeed in advertisement if he is communicating not just telling about the product,Companies were really communicating with the people very well,by conducting fun games.But the most important point of their communication comes here(which was part of every company) giving out Companies LOGO (like Caps,Poster of products), giving out feel of the product(of which person is not thinking of).By giving out trial of products(like car,any other product) you are able to give taste of that products(in todays world need does not govern the demand but purchasing power generates the need then demand) again by this method companies are trying to generate customers for them.
As far as Posters are concern I think again its a noble thinking,it is attaching a value with their advertisement,people are going to carry with them(a method to from a chain advertisment) otherwise if a company will just give a person its poster then in 99.9% of cases person is going to throw it away,but now company is attaching a virtual value and emotion to that person, and now he is going to display that soviner or so called advertisements at such a place from where he can display it to most of its relatives or culeauge (again a method of chain ADVERTISEMENT) archiving 2 goals with 1 bow, a true MANAGEMENT .
Who says that that person doesn't gets worth for his qualities, here companies are employing persons for their advertisements.A person with good communication(who can conduct games) are getting job just because of their instincts not because of their education.I can give you of example of such person.I saw a person who was hosting a fun games ,was dark in color ,unshaved,wearing a brown leather jacket over not an appealing look but HEY MAN when he started to speak he was awesome ,was able drawing and binding all the person around to that advertising point what more according to figures a good anchor can eanr even up to Rs10000 a on a Good Day Or on an average Rs20,000 to 30,000 if nothing is going his way.
Dancers were getting employment as chear girls and to act as a model
So we can say that "MANAGEMENT" strategy of companies was some what innovative and effective.
Overall I think I can say for now a day business doest doen't mean just to launch a product and advertise the product and you will through to th e battle, now management,good strategy has become most important parts for the survival of the products.