Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review : Tata sky vs Airtel vs SUN Direct DTH monthly Packages

On the basis of pre-purchase analysis, I am sharing peculiar pattern of packages DTH.

Mandatory HD Settop box
1) At the name of technology constraint, all service providers have MANDATED for HD settop box for LED TV.
2)  HD settop boxes are costly, which means even if you dont want to see HD Channels, you are bound to shell out more money and buy HD settop box.
3) Even though currently not all channels are available in HD format(infact not more than 20 useful channels), still you are forced to shell out more money.

With HD Settop box Mandatory HD packages

EXCEPT from Tatasky and ACT TV almost all the well established service providers like Airtel, Videocon, Sundirect have mandated to have HD  channels monthly packages as subscription for HD settop box.

On a general level Normal Channel packs starts from Rs.170/- and HD Channel packs starts from Rs.400/-

So because of just unnecessary and illogical rules, a person is bound to buy HD pack instead of normal pack even if don't wish to have. Now a days majority of the new TVs are LED TVs. This implies even you don't want to have consume you have to pay extra every month.

TATASKY and ACT allows any monthly pack

Tatasky and ACT allows you have normal packs even if you have HD Settop box. Tatasky charges Rs.125/- monthly for HD pack Activation. But this is only when you want to have. In other words, you have to pay only for what you want consume.

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