Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Modi coward or BETRAYER? Fighting from 2 seats?

2014 Election. Few days, Modi announced to contest general election from Varanasi,UP. Today, He announced to fight from another seat, from Vadodara, Gujrat.

Logic given: When announced from Varanasi 

1) Modi is a real leaders of Hindus. Varanasi is one of the most important  pilgrim in Hindu mythology.  Varanasi's representation by MODI in Parliament was projected as true representation/tribute by a Pro Hindu party. 

2) UP has been historically important place for PMs. Historically UP has produced most of the PMs. 

3) Its a MODI WAVE, he can fight and win from any seat

Logic given:  When announced from Vadodara 

1) Gujarat people has made Modi today what he is. Its a true tribute to GUJRATIS

Every time with every announcement a good logic has been given by his party. Every time they sounded logical. But if we analyse  the logic given and correlate them only one question arises.


1) If really wanted to fight election from 2 places why didn't he announce together?
       a) Is Announcement from Vadodara is AFTER EFFECT  of Arvind Kejriwal announcement to fight from Varanasi? IS MODI COWARD? IS MODI feeling the heat of AAM ADAMI?

2) If Modi wins only ONE seat, then what about modi wave?

3) If MODI wins both seat, which seat will he LEAVE? 
       a) If leaves Vadodara, will it be appropriate to leave those people who have made Modi today what he is?        
      b) If leave Varanasi, will it be appropriate to say Modi a leader of Pro Hindu party? 
In any of the case Modi is going to betray one section of INDIA. IS MODI BETAYER? 


Anonymous said...

Indira Ganghi faught from two seats in 1980.
Soniya Gandhi faught from two seats in 1998.
Atal Bihari Bajpayee faught from two seats in 1993.
So dear,its not a new trend.

ashishagw said...

But if Modi is true patriot then why is planning to ATLEAST one section of INDIA?

Tell me which seat will he leave if wins both? Or Is he insecure?

Vishal Sharma said...

i guess a person can fight LS elections from 5 places m not sure with the count but very sure its more than one. I would like him to place his ne for rest 3 places as well.. Keep no stone unturned...Ppl see it glass half empty, i see it full half with water and another half with air... Adding to that, if a person has an ambition for better India and be a PM.
You can term him Betrayer, I would term it "PRUDENT" and "CAUTIOUS". :)

Unknown said...

Modi feels insecure

Unknown said...

Yaar wo Ya To PM banna chahta hai..agar nahi ho paya to Gujrat ka CM ki kursi nahi chordna chahata hai....Since my parents belong to Varanasi , I some what infer that Modi will be tough to b defeat for Kejri as the major population over there is somewhat orthodox kind of hindus.And since its UP other dominant parties will definitely have there share of votes.So AAP be cautious in your manifesto ,dont try too hard or dont try too less...Applauds for Kejri....

Shieny Lazarus said...

I agree with you.