Monday, March 31, 2014

After 8 years, Bhullar escapes, Thanks to BJP/CONGRESS alliance

Today, March 31, Supreme Court commuted his death sentence to Life Imprisonment on the grounds of inordinate delay in deciding his mercy petition. As an implication a renowned terrorist escaped from the the deserved destiny.

Bhullar's death verdict was not one of the straight justice. After bombing in front of Youth Congress in 1993 flied to Germany. And after hard fought extradition case Germany, he was brought to India in 1995. In year 2002, 3 member Bench rejected the review petition for Death penalty.

Votes caused deliberate delays

Political parties have always managed to polarize people on emotional grounds to get votes.   In this case also parties mobilized people's emotions for the convicted person. People from the same village were brain washed giving roots as a reason. And for others people used religion as one the emotional grounds. Historically political parties has always stayed away from taking risk in such situation. 

In short, in India convicts escapes By the Parties,For the Parties Of The the Parties.. 

Affect of the verdict

This verdict is important not because 1 convict has escaped, but this verdict is important because this is going to affect other cases as well. 

 Who is responsible?

Reason for the commutation of death penalty to Life imprisonment is delay in deciding his mercy petition but not because people appealed for clemency. 

The most unfortunate fact of this whole episode is there is no Accountability. Neither BJP nor Congress can be asked for accountability for the escape? They are not answerable for to victims who have lost their dear ones. 

The delay dilutes India stand against terrorist activities in any form. Its high time that people should get answers for the delays. Its high time people should be held for the same. 

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