Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Review:Taare Zameen Par

’Taare Zameen Par” has a simple storyline, but a complex subject. In a country where education is seen as the only definitive means to succeed, having a child who does not do well in school is like being dealt a losing hand of cards in life. The dialogue that encapsulates this is said by the child’s father - Kya main ise zindagibhar khilata rahoonga? (Will I feed him all his life?). This single line holds the weight of the fear that is there in every parent’s heart. In total it was reminiscence of what one typical Indian middle class practice or thinks.

The story is about a dyslexic kid who was misunderstood by everyone including his family, till he finds a teacher who turns his world around.

No half finished romances, no love triangles, no NRIs targeted, no running around trees songs shot in Switzerland. Not that this movie doesn’t have songs, but I found them very relevant, vary from extremely peppy to awesome punk rock but all relevant.

Aamir Khan the Actor: There are very few actors who actors who can truly live their characters. Mr. Khan does this beautifully in all his movies. This movie was also not an exception. This man not only lives and breathes his character but also permeates emotion in his fellow workers.

Darsheel Safary as Ishaan Awasthy: This child is a phenomenal artist. This lad makes you laugh, cry, giggle and wonder that’s not all you can sometimes identify with him at moments when his mother leaves him, when he wanders on the road, thinks of cartoons while studying.

Tisca Chopra as Maa: Tisca Chopra is effortless as the mother – as loving, forever forgiving as they come –torn between her unconditional love for her child and the need to reprimand him. This one time model has given a subtle, understated and applaud-worthy performance.
Script and screenplay Dialogues: This is where the brilliance of this movie lies. Perfectly researched and poignantly presented to the audience with not a single loophole. A warm and sensitive story is told at its own pace. Amol Gupte is exceptional.

Cinematography: It was also marvelous, an example of its perfection was the duration pictured when Ishaan bunked the class and had a Mumbai darshan. It made even ordinary colors very soothing.

Aamir Khan the Director: Everything I will write about AK’s debut as a director will
sound clichéd. The legendary perfectionism he is portrayed to profess was amply
evident in his work. Surely he is one of those directors that the Hindi film
industry needs more of. The minutest details like the kid digging his nose and
the way the symptoms of dyslexia is brought out before the audience without
heavy dialogues, the way the mother wraps a duppatta around her on her
nightgown as she takes her son out to the waiting school bus, the agony the
child is going through… is brilliant. Character like Tiwary sir ,Joy sir, Principal simply were able to describe the perfectionism in the AK’s Vision.

Reasons for just 4 STARS

As nothing can be perfect the same case was applied here.

1) The character played Ishaan’s Papa was not fully justified by the actor. Though by face, hair style he fully fitted in the character but it was just Dynamic vision of AK. He lacked some X factor, that’s not his problem but this role could have been better.

2) The emotions during one segment was bit too long (for title song to the moment he reached the Ishaan’s house) that DRENCHED everybody and actually the whole meeting was way of actual RECAP of FIRST HALF(THE PROBLEM ,THE MOVIE OF WHAT WAS ALL ABOUT) ,but after that flood it became a bit difficult to catch and that diluted the starting of fabulous part of movie to an extent

3) Zabin, though this character required a girl with very light background but she did not do justice with her role which was an important role in the movie.

4) Make up on the AK’s face at times looked off ward

To sum it all up: TZP is a slice of your own life that is served before you.
There are parts in it which anyone will instantly identify with – a naughty
student, a worried sibling, a bully or as the bullied, as the teacher’s
favorite or hated student, as a mother’s pet, as a mother, as a father, as a
teacher, as a human being reaching out to another, as a child with no cares in
the world. This movie makes you sit up and take notice of your life –
what are you doing as a human being? Are we sensitive enough to properly see
another human being or do we just look at them and not see much at all…

Best Moments

1) The way Ishaan says "Bindaas".

2) By Taney to Ram- "Kisse paala pada" and He replies "Apne aap se".

3)By Ram "Paani milega". His eyes were most expressive at that point of time.

4) By Ram "Mujhe pata hai bache ko bukhar hai, par main yeh puch raha hun bukhar ki vajah kya hai".

5) By Ram "Akshar hi samajh main nahin aate honge, zara sochiye, us bache ki self confidence ki toh dhajiya ud jaati hongi".

6) By Ishaan’s father "Kya banega bada hoke, puri zindagi kya main ise khilata rahunga".

7) By Ram "Har bache ki apni khoobi hoti hai, Har bacha ki apni kabiliyat hoti hai, Har bacha apne anusar bhar uthata hai".

8) By Ram "….. lakin aaj suddenly mein tum logon ko ye sab kyun bta rah hoon , tumhe ye dikhane ki duniya mein asie asie Hire peda hue hai jinho ne duniye ka nkasha hi badal diya kyun ki duniya ko apni alag nazar se dekh paye…dimak unke jara hat ke the aas pass waalon ko bardash nahi hua,taklife kadi kardi iske bavjood woh jite aur asie jite ki duniye dekhti rah gai".

9) By Ram "Khayal karte hai aap? Kabhi yeh bola hai...beta tum gir bhi gaye toh kya hua, main hun na tumhe sambhalne ke liye, Achha laga yeh jaan ke khayal karte hai aap".