Friday, March 21, 2014

AAP asks for Rs1,100: Media finding rotten Rats?

Since the beginning of AAP, they always claimed that they will not be doing any conventional politics.It has been more than 18 month since its inception. During its inception they promised to redefine the RULES OF THE GAME. Still people has not been able to understand that when they say that it will be totally new ball game, what it really means?

Before Delhi election, they were questioned how can you fight election without formal big organization? How can you fight election with such limited resources? How can fight election with limited MONEY? But AAP not only fought election without all those luxury but also performed well.

Moving away from the conventional parties I found AAP to be only party to STOP taking donation because their requirement got fulfilled. I have never seen any conventional party to stop to taking  donations, that too during election . And so on. 

After Delhi election, I thought Media will be more educated but unfortunately still  interpreting statements in same appropriate manner. In any form of life Interpretation of words is very important. Correct Interpretation gives correct sense behind the words and selfish or interpretation with some western interest give a whole WRONG meaning to the words. And its responsibility of NEWS MEDIA to do this duty in a free and fair manner.   

Few days back, AAP Volunteers, put up a notice. If any one willing to go to AK's Varanasi rally, they require to pay Rs 1,100 for the package. Now Media is interpreting in all their way.  

It was not AAP which didn't took this initiative themselves but it was load of request from all parts of Delhi which forced them to do so. Because of public demand, for public convinces they agreed to organize the travel just like any other family travel where people give contribution to a single person and the person organizes Travel, Lodging and Fooding on behalf of all other travelers.

While Rs 1,100 was for whole package but media crying it to be a foul. Unfortunately its not their mistake. Till now it has been a practice that people will be taken to Rally place on the expense of Party. Till now conventional parties has even gone one step forward and given Liquor and Daily Allowance to the people. But as promise during Inception, again they redefined the rules. Again they brought transparency to the whole process. 

And Media is trying to find rotten Rat in a clean process.

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Apt explanation of the move of AAP !!