Saturday, February 9, 2008


After a long time I was seeing a 2 months old movie , well initially for 15 to 20 mins it was bit difficult for me to come out from the perception that was formed after talking with friends. I think one should be very much clear in his mind while he is going for a review of a movie that’s what I learnt from this experience.

Year 2007 is going to be the turning point in the history of the Hindi Film Industry.

Movie like CHAK DE,TAARE ZHAMEEN PE CHINI KUM,NISHABD,…AND OF COURSE AAJA NACH LE and some more which I am not able to recall at the moment .If some body observe carefully,there was a clear change in thinking of directors mind ,producers are now more than ready to put money on a movie that is different form so called romantic or BOLLYWOOD MOVIE. Though in the past we have witnessed many EXPERIMENTS , but they were not that much frequent.

Well as far as movie is concern ,story was bit different from what we had seen MADHURI in her earlier movie.That was the USP of this movie.No romance,no villan and hero ,just a theme .And it was Carried by the cast pretty well. Everybody was justified there role ,Right from that lill Girl to Raghubeer yadav.

Initially Madhuri looked out of form but later on she came back on track, as there was no scope for spectacular performance but she justified with the role.

Kokana Sen was too good, she is living character to character from movie to movie.

Her acting was just too good, same thing was applied for Kunal Kapoor ,both are emerging as a good and responsible actors and its just showing the bench strength of our industry.

But the major draw back was with direction, initially he looked to me as he was not able to control his excitement ,that he was working with madhuri. Initally when ther was scene where madhuri was sitting her parents, was the worst directed par of the movie,at that point it seemed as I was watching a movie directed in 1980’s.

Costume and Make up were another week link in the chain or else I can say they were the weakest.

And our elders use to say that strength of a chain can be determined by the strength of its weakest part.At many points makeup was looking offward .

Costumes just added 10 to 15 of age to both Konkana sen and madhuri .They were not according to the situation nad age of characters specially for both ladies.

Packaging of the movie also was not so appealing so that it can bring people to the theatre.

Last 30mins were too good.the whole play just was good and tried to make the viewer to flow in emotions of the plays….but according to me it was partly successfully accomplished.

Another positive part was its Editing, many parts were edited wisely, It just make the movie to flow .That was the most important part of the movie.

Over all if the above mentioned weak link would have not there , then madhuri’s work would hav also liked by the people.

Well I would like just welcome NANE back in the industry.

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