Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review : Bangalore

This is  2 months pending work. This Review is about Washing Machine Clinic, Bangalore ( 

I had a pathetic experience from Previous to actual experience I was told about their prompt and efficient service. So I decided to call them.

Got attended after number of follow up

I called them in one evening for the appointment. And I got appointment for next day. But unfortunately nobody turned up. But after a number of follow up it got attended next day.

Very High and Random charges

The person came  to my place and examined the washing machine. Immediately after examination, the person told me motor is damaged and needs to be changed. He quoted Rs 4,200.  I was confused, that the company is supposed to service all kind of washing machine and they deal with several part. How come the person knows exact price of the part? How come he told me price without consulting any paper or person. 

Going by logic that the price of machine is Rs 10,000. So how can only part be of Rs 4,200 I opted NOT to go for the service.

Next day I called Godrej service center. And I got my machine repaired in only Rs 2,400. Rs 1,800 less from what Washing Machine clinic quoted.

Always eager to change parts

In another experience of my friends, they called for the appointment.  They explained the problem. Surprisingly, at the same moment,  on same call,  they suggested one of part to get replaced. My friend was very surprised to hear that. The person is suggesting diagnosis without even examining. Later on he got it repaired WITHOUT any replacement of the said part from some other mechanic.


After my and my friend experience I would highly recommend NOT to go for the service. Instead, I would recommend to opt for either Company customer service or any near by mechanic. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Amethi : After 10 years, MP don't have House, Bank Account?

Hilarious, 2 time MP don't have a house in his constituency. After 10 years he don't have even a Bank account. Having house is a basic expectation from any MP. 

Moreover, for getting the residence proofs, occasional staying in the constituency is required.  And Surprisingly, his application was rejected with one the reason as, Rahul Gandhi don't even stay occasionally?

Amethi is my home : Rahul

I have many election speeches from Rahul Gandhi. One common sentence that I can hear in every speech since 2004 is "I am in-between my family. I in my home." The words has been consistent for last 10 years. But after this revelation, I am confused what does he really mean when saying those words. 

Is this emotional Drama?

I agree that we Indian's have been traditionally emotional. Historically we have taken more decisions based on emotions then on logic. It becomes very easy for any one to touch our emotional string. And historically people from Amethi too had a emotional connection with gandhi-nehru family. And Rahul Gandhi is using same for his elections. 

After 60 years, do you need more time to develop?

Amethi has been with Gandhi-Nehu Family for neary 60 years since Independence. In other words one family was having rule for 60 years. Even if one would have planned a long term(20 years)  plan for Amethi, he would have made it a Developed city. But sad part is Rahul Gandhi is still asking vote for issue on Poverty, Health and other basic amenities.  It is interesting to conclude  from the above instance that even after 60 years Amethi is fighting for basic amenities. Things could have been different if he would have stayed more.

And same conclusion applies for India as well. 

Windows 8.1 Update brings back Start Menu

Its official now, after a lots of roar by windows users for "Start Menu" , 8.1 brings back Start Menu. When Microsoft removed the Start menu, quite a few of its users were upset, and this move did indeed make Windows 8.1 harder to use for many. With re-addition Start menu  also got updates. Now Start Menu carries traditional UI combined with live tiles and other Metro-influenced UI elements.

There are some other notable features in Windows 8.1 Update. Here is a list:

  • For traditional users, like Windows 7, 8.1 is bootable in desktop mode unlike tiles view in previous version.
  • For traditional users, Right click on a tile of an application in Modern UI mode will open a context menu.
  • For traditional users, 8.1 re-powers Task bars.
  • Allows minimize re-accessible Windows apps like facebook, chat apps from Task bars  
  • Search and shutdown buttons are now always visible in the top right corner of the screen.

Video release by Windows on April 2, 2014