Thursday, March 20, 2014

Realty check: Do Modi really mean by INDIA FIRST?

When Modi gave slogan of "India First", I was really impressed. I thought atlast someone came who is fighting for United India. Who really wants to work for poor.

He is PM candidate.His every slogan is bound to go under scrutiny. For him  benchmark will be very high.

He is claiming its Modi wave. And BJP will Sweep from every part of the country. Well if that happen it will be really good. Because it will be a popular government. It will be a stable government.

But do he and his party really mean by INDIA FIRST? Do he and his party really mean by Indians first?

If yes then why is he fighting from 2 place? Assuming because of Modi wave, he will win both seats. Then who will bear CRORES of election expenditure?

Delhi is a fiscal surplus state. They have less expenditure then earning. So when Arvind Kejriwal gave subsidy tailor made for poor peoples, same BJP said subsidy is bad for economy. Indian Economy can not survive of Subsidy.

When Subsidy is not good for fiscal surplus state then how can be  forceful election expenditure  be justified on capital deficit UP?

Its high time when India looks for a leader who really looks for India over personal ambition. Who is more sensitive about expenditure. Who is bold enough to say, Being PM candidate, I can win from any seat else no need to fight election and come via Rajya Sabha.

Why Expenditures are good but subsidy for poor is not good  ?

"Tum khelo to football hum khelen to Gulli-Danda"- Kumar Viswas. Now its time for equal ground for play.


Shiva Agarwal said...

There is a basic difference between subsidy and expenditure
a)Expenditure is one time and subsidy is given multiple times
b) Expenditure does not change people's behavior, subsidy does

Example on water, power etc. will make poor people take all these things for granted.They will not work to fulfill their basic needs. One more election, I agree is an expenditure but it does not raises any expectation or modifies any behavior.

Secondly, it is not first time that any politician is running from two seats. In past most of the Congress MPs had ran from multiple seats.

ashishagw said...

Why we always do something sighting others has done in past. If we want to change, then it should start from me only. If congress was doing something wrong then it doesn't allow you to repeate same mistake.

Why can't you set a different Benchmark for others?

ashishagw said...

It has two aspect
1# One Expenditure is to conduct the election. To run the official machinery
2#Their so called "OWN" expenditure is also our only. All money comes as Know and unKnown donation. And maximum times businessman are either forced to donate or they donate because they look for favor. And for businessman, Donations are like miscellaneous expenditure. Which ultimately infuses inflation in some way or other.

And as far as subsidy is concern, They results are fully dependent on the way it has been implemented. The way whole process is kept transparent.In case of LPG, all the information is available in public domain. So, there is very less leakages.

As far as Subsidy is concern, even you and me enjoy Subsidy. We get subsidy on LPG,Petrol and on many other things. So Lets not connect subsidy to POOR only.