Monday, December 24, 2007


"welcome" Was it welcomed by the veiwers? So Rambo what do you think, well for me i am giving it 2.5 stars, overall, and the thing you can look forward is acting of "nana" and anil kapoor and of course "RDX " Feroz Khan. Welcome was the mixture of two tried and tested formula, 1 of 2006 and 1 of 2007,fommer ...comedy with AKKI and PARESH RAWAL later ..duo KAFIEE AND AKKI. Though it has opened very strongly but its just because of expectation ,nothing else.

Director was expecting to make a blast as he was using 2 successful formula, but do you know Rambo ,mixture of 2 sucessfull formula doesnt guarantees you success. As he was using the duo Akki and kaif...he was think that they will repeat history.
In the first half some open loops in the direction was visible,though he able to compansate in the second half upto a limit .Two unstituational songs(1st two) were adding headach to the director, I think now those has gone when movie use to become hit just due its songe,above that 1st song from Himesh was too ugly.
Though the pace of script in first half covered all the flaws,and kept the people binded.
Second half was just paisa wasool,very thing was looking improved,even music looked better.
The main problem was that director was able to exploite the full potential of akki , katrina and paresh rawal.
but NANA and ANIL KAPOOR carried the movie on their own,according to their reputation.Patekars timing of the comedy, expressions were of xample is
“Aajkal biscuit ko bhi samaan se bulana padta hai, Parle G.”
Another weekpoint was many things were kept undescribed like why Ishika"mallika Sherawat" was doing favour of the duo.Incomplete characterizations also become its week link.
Bad Cinematography made it looked like a low budget movie.
Overall Welcome is a good time pass but when it comes whether 200 buck will be worth or not i am afraid to say its better to see it on cd

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