Monday, February 18, 2008

BOARDS::Another Suicide season is coming

One more Board Exams(and IIT JEE) are approaching so as season to SUICIDE, that gives lines on the forehead of authorities like Dr. Ashok Ganguly(CBSE Chairman ) rather being relieved after a year of hard work.

What makes the situation that much adverse that pupil is forced to take an extreme step?

In fact for sure parents love their children very much and can anything to save them from this Monster .

The question still hangs like a dark cloud: what are the solutions?

Everybody can give his own solutions but rather going into the solutions….lets try to find a root cause so that an exact medicine only should be given to this PLAGUE.

To go any further lets see what is a EDUCATION as a process?

Education is not all about examinations, but rather it is an ongoing process that never stops and can happen in various situations, we would not make such a fuss out of failing in examinations. Instead, ‘failure’ in examinations is actually just another part of the process of education and has to be perceived in a positive way. A student may fail to get good grades in examinations during school but excel during their tertiary education..

Though Knowledge and Skills through Education is required for a person to earn bread but to fulfill his or her role as a human being and as someone responsible in their specific discipline to help make this world a better place for living. Therefore, it’s not all about scores; but it is about values, knowledge, and character. If this is understood well, then we will not confine the process of education to such a small scope that is based on examinations entirely. Sean Covey, son of popular author Stephen R. Covey, pointed out on this matter in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. He wrote: “Although grades are important, becoming truly educated is more important...

Now we ready to explore problems in our Education System that’s acting as a termite.

1) Education System

I think our Education System just based on Cramming ,rather on fundamentals which is important a good character for the society.A good Crammer can score more than a student who has better understanding,learning ability and discretion power(that’s where he feels cheated from a crammer)

2) The Capitalistic Society

Our society, due to being so engulfed by the idea of capitalism, has the perception that everything must by materialistically measurable. Developments, for instance, is seen as the rising of high towers, the constructing of sophisticatedly-engineered buildings, and the high figures that the country makes from investments and taxes. In education, excellence is measured almost entirely by the number of As a student gets or how much grade point the student manages to score. In order to obtain those, of course the most important thing is the examination. Thus, much weight is put onto examinations; to such an extent that it may have just been too much weight..

A example…. Sachin Tendulkar didn’t had a pleasant academics, but he has still a huge financial success….

3) The Evil Human Nature

There is evil human nature that makes him dangerous animal on the planet; Man is not in problem because of his problem rather he is in grief because his neighbor or his competitor is more happier

Here are some living examples that can support my context…..

· My cousin got 91.2% in her boards but her father didn’t appreciated her effort; because she didn’t topped the school by mere 1.8%,…that’s disgusting.

· My friend got 1500 in ROORKEE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION and nobody offered him even sugar because his nearest competitor has a better result.

4) Child attaches himself emotionally with the result because of some irrelevant factors rather than his efforts

More than often child do attach them self with the result Emotionally that’s where people get feel the pain as they have attached the result from emotions in many way like….a stature in society, a pride etc. And many factors becomes responsible for it.

Many times parents attach child’s success with their dignity or set up some unrealistic target without knowing the will and capability of the child, that’s just adds pressure to the boy rather ease his path to the success because a over conscious boy have less chances for success in comparison to a audacious fearless guy who just believes in his ability.

5) Parents many times injustice with the capabilities of the child

Many times parents setup goal for his wonder child; its good that parents taking care of his child the better option is that they must be taking decision in keeping the capabilities of the boy in a view An good example can be seen in Taare Zameen Par.

Another living example that I came across ,a guy Saurav Srivastav(suicides because he felt that his preparation IIT JEE is not up to the mark to fulfill parents dream even when he was regularly under 150 in mock tests organized by FIITJEE),according to his suicide note and profile on ORKUT he was more comfortable in reading novels and writing,he was writing novels since class VIII .

6) Glorification of child who got success

I am totally against glorification of a child in NEWSPAPER by different COACHING centers …..I think this factor is most widely responsible to add pressure in society to the parents as well as children…..another noteworthy point is that its never servers any purpose for the just pollutes the atmosphere ….a ban is most certain solution….

So I have just tried to find the root cause of the evil monster rather its symptoms , the factors that make him stronger and act as a tonic for them to spread like a plague……

Every year CBSE liberalizes its examination process I think they are just CURING NOTHING….and worse is that it may lead to make exanimation as a formality rather a formal process……

Its very important weed out the actual factor responsible for this evil rather taking steps to fade intensity of the process.

Opening consulling centers is not either one of the best solution because consulling by parents(with real intension) will be far more effective than these professionals as its assure child some body his own is there behind them, assures that they love him what happen so as he got failed come to them, what happen if he has got fallen…just come to them

Another thing that’s very essential at this moment is to give the child freedom to painting of his by his own colors, allow them flow with their own flow and expolree their world …and just give little direction rather giving a U turn or LEFT or RIGHT turn

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