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The Raja of rigionalism:Raj Thackeray

Regionalism, new call from Thakceray pariwar, though un my next writing I will be telling more about the regionalism ,here I want to try to analyze about whole incident that has happen in past few days only.

Before I go further I would like tell important points

1)A small portion(relevant one) of an interview by Mr. Raj Thackeray to ET on 12th of FEB 2008

Why are you opposing migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar?
Mumbai is home to multiple communities like Gujaratis, Marwaris, Parsis, South Indians, Bengalis, Sindhis and Punjabis. These communities have lived peacefully with Maharashtrians and they have even tried to assimilate the ethos of Marathi culture. These communities also celebrate their festivals without causing any nuisance to the city and natives. For instance, Gujarati Garba is never a show of political strength. That’s not the case with migrants from these two states. They indulge in a political show of strength and are out to deny the very status of Mumbai, as the capital of a Marathi state. No other community, except for these migrants, has called its regional leaders to Maharashtra to indulge in political and regional mobilisation. My party will not allow anyone to practise the agenda of his state in Maharashtra. We will allow festivals like Chhat Puja, if they are celebrated as festivals, not as an exercise in show of strength

2) History of ShivSena( after all roots of Raj Thackeray are from there)

Bal Keshav Thackeray started his career as a cartoonist in the Free Press Journal in Mumbai

In 1960, Bal Keshav Thackeray launched a cartoon weekly Marmik with R.K.LAXMAN. He used it to campaign against the growing influence of non-Marathi people in Bombay.

Shiv Sena on June 19th, 1966 with the intent of fighting for the rights of the natives of the state of Maharashtra (called Maharashtrians)

Initially Shiv Sena especially attracted a large number of disgruntled and often unemployed Maharashtrian youth, who were pulled towards Thackeray's charged anti-migrant oratory.

In the late 1970s, as part of his "Maharashtra is for Maharashtrians" campaign, Thackeray threatened migrants from South India with harm unless they left Mumbai.

Thackeray, then a cartoonist for the Free Press journal, initially targeted the growing number of South Indians by inflammatory slogans like "lungi hatao pungi bajao" (referring to the lungi, a Marathi word for the traditional men's dress in South India).

During this period, Shiv Sainiks launched a string of attacks on the South-Indian owned Udupi restaurants that were becoming popular in Mumbai. In a similar manner, Thackeray later targeted Gujaratis, Marwaris, Biharis, and people from North Indian states like Uttar Pradesh ('UPites') through his speeches..

……………..and got publicity in free……..and emergered as power in maharastra and nother noteworthypoint....after this incident he started to concentrate only on Hindutva and left ealier agenda........never looked back to it or even pressed for it not even when they came to govenment.

so now lets come back to Raj Thackeray

So he is just practicing a tried and tested FORMULA

From his Interview, we can conclude that what ever has happened in Mumbai till now was a part of well written script by writer Raj Thackeray and well executed by his subordinates.

But in this play he was requiring a second character for the play so he chose SAMAJWADI PARTY.

AMAR SINGH press conference INCIDENT was just to rope second Character in the play..acoording to their need.

Allegations on BIG B was just rope a ITEM number in the play…….

By all these incidents were just to pressurized them to take part in the play for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena..

And they got success….

His first part(of script) got over.

Other incidents(ATTACK) on non Maharastrians were the second part of his script.

Other thing that you can conclude from the interview that the main problem he facing is that to find his political ground now he is required not only to fight with Marathi leaders but also with leader of Northern Indian Leaders in this world of GLOBALISATION. And more importantly they are having good run for their money, they are putting.

Till 2000 North Indian parties were seeing Maharastra as an opportunity but they started noticing after 2000.

Now they have a good voice there….leaders like LALU YADAV, MAYAWATI, MULAYAM SINGH now stared to gain political ground….and that’s hurting Lill Thackeray.

Govt ,there, were also not taking any step till few days back as fearing that MNS will get political mileage and of course they cant see that, So what if public have to pay for that after all they are the RATS OF LABORATORY , and these POLITICAL SCIENTIST cant keep emotion for these SO CALLED RATS……….

And after all these RATs are very generous they you used to forget all in very short of time ,aur waisie bhi its not a election time


God can only now save from these SCIENTISTs…..ahhhh….

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