Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to set up JAVA_HOME in Windows 7?

Prerequisites for this tutorials:-  Java 1.x should be installed. In case not done, the setup can be download from link and can be installed as any other software. 

Assumption:- Java is installed in C drive i.e. C:\Java

Following are the instruction to setup JAVA_HOME environmental variable in windows 7. 

1) Click Windows
2) Right click on "Computer"
3) Click Properties, this will open a new window with all system information. 

4) Click "Advance system settings", last option under right top menu. 
5) Click Advance > Environment Variable > New 
6) Key-in  "JAVA_HOME" in Variable name and JDK Path in Variable value. 
7) Now verify.

How to verify?
1) Open Command prompt(Winow+R>Key in CMD>OK)
2) Type Java -Version. Below like output should come. 


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